Dr Michaela Kosasih


Course and Seminar

2015    Face Lifting and Body Tightening with HIFU (dr.Kwon Han Jin – Korea)

2015    Thread Lift for breast and body shaping (by.dr.Kwon Han Jin – Korea)

2015    Simposium Ilmiah “Kasus emergency urologi & Penanganan nya” – RS Mitra Kemayoran

2015    Vaginal rejuvenation with filler

2015    Happy lift Thread for face lifting and brow lifting (dr. Tan Kok Leong – Singapore)

2014    Misko & Misju Thread (by dr.Lee Hee Young,PhD- Korean Plastic surgery)

2014    Training program “Safe and Ideal Injection Technique” by restylane (dr.Hyoung Jin Moon-Korean plastic surgery & dr. Scott McLennan-Australia)

2014    Basic and advance threadlift for face (dr.Kwon Han Jin–Korea)

2014    Botox & filler “juvederm” hands on (by dr.Liow- Malaysia)