Dr Lidyana


Course and Seminar

2016    Simposium NASWAAM bali 2016

2015    Simposium dan workshop INCAAM Jakarta

2015    Simposium “The Right Laser for Your Practice”

2015    Face Lifting and Body Tightening with HIFU (dr.Kwon Han Jin – Korea)

2015    Thread Lift for breast and body shaping (by.dr.Kwon Han Jin – Korea)

2015    Simposium Ilmiah “Kasus emergency urologi & Penanganan nya” – RS Mitra Kemayoran

2015    Vaginal rejuvenation with filler

2015    Happy lift Thread for face lifting and brow lifting (dr. Tan Kok Leong – Singapore)

2014    Misko & Misju Thread (by dr.Lee Hee Young,PhD- Korean Plastic surgery)

2014    Training program “Safe and Ideal Injection Technique” by restylane (dr.Hyoung Jin Moon-Korean plastic surgery & dr. Scott McLennan-Australia)

2014    Basic and advance threadlift for face (dr.Kwon Han Jin–Korea)

2014    Botox & filler “juvederm” hands on (by dr.Liow- Malaysia)

2014    Basic laser course and workshop of Alexandrite and NDYAG laser by dr.Kyung Sik Min (Korea)